ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

The  8 Week Heart Centered Angels of Light Messenger/Angel Practitioner/Healer Certification with
Angel Minister/Messenger/Medium/Healer/Creative Soul Coach
 Rev. Cathianna Burke

Look forward to new dates in 2018

New and Supportive Angel Teachings and Wisdom

Be one of the 12 that the Angels are calling!

Advance your Intuitive and Healing Gifts with the guidance and divine light of the Angels, Soul Guides, Ascended Masters and all of the Divine

Join me for 8 Weeks of pure Angelic Advanced Heart Centered Spirit Connections as you Learn all about and work with the 8 Angels of Light, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddess Energies, Healing and Prosperity Angels & more as a promise of great Movement, Miracles, Healing and deepened Angel and Spirit Connections will deepen your Angelic and Spirit connections on all levels

Special Divine Spreads each week to Practice and Receive Guidance and Enhance your Soul Connections

New and Heightened Angel of Light Teachings to enhance this Healing and Intuitive Training
Your Certification also includes a Special Bonus Training- The 8 Angels of Light Healing Certificate that you can use with all healing modalities to enhance and heighten your healing gifts. Note: This Healing Certification was developed by Rev. Cathi Burke through her many channelings and sessions with the Angelic Realm and the Divine.
Each class begins
With a Guided Channeled Meditation, (Specifically for the energy of the group)Grounding and Chakra Clearing to enhance your experience and help you to retain the teachings in each class. New and Heightened information and clearing from the Angels and Divine Guides each week

Crystal Bowls to open the portals of light
within your being
Your Divine Journey Begins:
First Week

Your Angels and Soul guides are waiting

Your Soul Guides and Angels join us to help you to enrich your life, and the lives of others

Energy Angels and their offerings

Heightening the channels of Angelic Communications/Deepening your connection with the Arch Angels through the Grace Process. Learn a Divine Process for channeling messages and guidance from your angels and guides, Deepening the Connection and working with the Angel Grace spread to enhance your connections with the Arch Angel Realms and Heightened Angel Healing and support.
Week 2 - Flower Energy Angels/Numbers energy and your Angels working with the Colors,Numbers and Symbols on your Angel Deck/and all Divine Tarot Decks to heighten your Intuition, bring forth healing and energize the Chakra's. We will be working with the Flower Angel Deck and the Angel Blessings Deck to enhance your readings, as you learn the meaning of the colors, numbers and symbols on all decks. A powerful addition to enhance your intuition and bring heightened guidance to all Readings.
 New and Heightened Training with the 8 Angel Rays

Divine Angel Healing Energies

Week 3- The 8 Angels of Light and the Healing Rays in a special night of Healing, Clearing and Opening the Chakra's to connect with the Energies of the Angels of Light. You will learn a Powerful Healing Process with Each Angel to use with Clients, Family, Friends and on yourself.You will learn all about these incredible beings of Light and learn how they work with the Arch Angels and The Highest order of Angels known as the Seraphim as a catalyst for Transformation. The Divine Rays Spread with the Angel of Light and the Angel Love Deck.

Week Four-

New Astrology Angels Training with the Goddess and Ascended Masters - working with their Energy, Guidance and how to work with your Chart and the Charts of others through advise and Guidance from the Angelic Realms, bringing in the Prosperity Angels and the Abundance of the Universe
Week Five

New: Clearing Karma and Past Lives
with the Atlantian Angels
Past Life Journey with the Atlantian Light Angels, in this special "Channeled Process"by Cathi Burke along with Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Raphael as you clear and release. Followed by an Atlantian Angel past lives/Soul spread.
A night of great Release and Healing
Week 6
"On Heavens Wings" Angel Mediumship Training

The Special Angels who usher in our loved from in Spirit Training

 - A special  Medium Ship Class/Channeling a letter from the "Other Side" and Medical Intuitive Process Along with an array of Angelic tools for connecting with those who have made the Journey Home guided by Angel Mirh who through a special guided Journey will connect us with the "Other Side"

New and Exciting Spreads from the highest order of the Angels the Seraphim and the Archangels
Week 7 -Expanding your Intuition and Light

Special Divine Spreads that will heighten your Intuitition and Insight- Each spread is tailored to enhance and open your Intuitive Channels with the Angels and the Divine. We will be working with the Life Path Deck, Love Angels, Goddess's and the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters. Wonderful
 Spreads to use for yourself and in your work as an Angel of Light Practitioner
Week 8

New Clearing from my Angels and Shamanic Guides
Graduation and
Advanced Angel Home Blessing and Clearing
Angel Biz Plan/All New Material for our times
From the Angels of Light Ministry you will learn a full Angel Home Blessing and Clearing, anchoring the "Home Blessing" Angels into each room, followed by the Angels Biz Plan, and your Angel Wings Ceremony and Graduation.
 Requirements: 8 Weeks of participation in class.
(make up classes will be available) 10 practice readings with the group and outside with family, friends ect. Practice sessions with the 8 Angels of Light. A copy of Americo Michael "Surrounded by Angels" The 8 Angel Ray "Tune-Up" CD
Cost for the 8 Weeks is $344.00.00/$20.00 for my Angel Book to work with in Class
payment plans available with $100.00 deposit 
We offer Pay Pal on our website and all major credit cards for your convenience
Where: The Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center, 320 Washington Street,
Suite #10 Norwell, MA
To register call 781-871-1740
or e-mail me at
 Note: I am offering this class to individuals who are ready to take their Angelic Connections to an Advanced Healing and Intuitive Level, and I am also very excited about teaching New Students who are ready to expand their knowledge and gifts with the Angels and who are ready for Miracles.

The Last Certification filled up quick so call to register today.
For over 20 years it has been my pleasure to work with the Angels and spread their love and guidance out into the world
Testimonial from an Angel Graduate
Cathi you are the most incredible Angel Teacher I know.  You were loving, kind and patient as I connected with my Angels and guides.  My readings and my life has changed in many ways. Thank you for the wonderful Gift.  Love, Crystal
Each class will be filled with inspiration and knowledge and a deepened connection with the Angelic Realm.
We offer an array of Angel and Goddess Messenger Cards at our Center for your convenience.
Testimonials from Grateful Students
 The Angel Certification brought me to a whole other level with my Angel Readings.  Healing, Clearing and great Clarity were presented in each class.  I am very happy I decided to take the 8 weeks and feel it helped me on a body, mind and soul level. Love, Claire
Dear Cathi
Your Angel Connections are incredible. I felt nurtured, supported and loved in this class.  Thank you for holding smaller classes and giving us all what we needed to truly connect with the Angels and Spirit. 
In the Light, Denise
All I can say is "Wow" what an exceptional journey with the Angels.  I feel blessed to have taken this class.  This is truly for anyone who really wants to take their Angel work to a whole new level. Love, Linda P.
Thanks so much Cathi for your love and devotion.  This class really healed me on many levels, and brought me close to my Angels and guides.
 Love, Eva
This class is truly so much more than learning to read the Angel Cards.  It connected me with not only my Angels, but deepened my connections with Spirit, and brought me to a whole other level of understanding within myself.  I healed on so many levels.  Thank you for everything Cathi, you are the perfect example of a Spiritual Teacher.  Love, Cheryl
Rev. Cathi
All I can say is that this class was one of the most incredible Certifications I have ever taken.  I am looking forward to the Soul Journey and Rev. Cathi's other Classes.  Love, Angela
Cathi, I just want to say "Thank You" for all the time you put into your classes.  They are remarkable.  Spirit just seems to flow through you with great ease and joy.  I am so happy I listened to my higher self and took this class. It made the angels smile.  Kristina E.
***Refund policy. If for some reason you do not complete the class Cathi we will be happy to issue you a credit for her services in our Center or long distance phone readings or services.
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