ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
Channeling from Master Jesus through Cathi Burke and the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light and all of the Divine
 2017 Energies filled w/Expansion and Light

The Universal One Cycle is upon us

A Year of Great Movements and New Beginnings for the Planet

MASTER JESUS & The Emissaries of Light
New Light, New Wisdom, New Beginnings on all levels
Great expansion and promise follows you into the One Cycle on January 1, 2017.  Your nine has come to and end and as the One Cycle enters a richer and more profound light that has never been experienced on the Earth Plane before will beam down upon each and every one of you.  Shadows become filled with light, and a pure sense of the truth is reveled.  We are here to help you to see who you truly are in the eyes of the Divine, as many new experiences and new people enter your life. 

WE are here to remind you, that you are so much more then you every imagined, and the lights that fall gently upon the earth with the promise of New Beginnings places you into a state of pure clarity and wisdom.

 For some, this brings a great deal of fear up to the surface, and we ask that when this happens that you look at it as a gift, for it is telling you that it is time to release the fear, the pain, the guilt and the sadness and embrace the beauty and the light of your Soul.  Great beams of light flow through your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies at this time, enhancing the opportunity to welcome in the new as you have released the old. We are here to help you each and every step of the way, as you surrender over what is holding you back to the angels and your guides, as we are here to capture and clear each emotion, each physical ailment and each ego based thought that has held you back from experiencing pure joy. 
As our love and light beams down from the heavens it is of the out most importance that you know that you are loved and that we hold great excitement in our hearts for you all. The love that we speak of is a rich, deep, and unconditional love that permeates from all of the Divine, and as you allow this love in we become one. 

We see and feel all that you have experienced on the Earth and our hearts reach out to you, for it is with love and devotion that we can help you to move forward into a life that is full and rich with blessings surrounding you always.  As you see each new door begin to open, remember to place your hands over your heart and feel our love and support pouring down from above.  It will appear to be a stream of pure golden light you will feel your heart brighten as my love pours through.  With this love all things are possible, and your vibration will shine and the rewards will be many.
As you choose to come to the Earth plane and be here in these powerful shifting and changing times, you are courageous and able to handle all that comes your way.  It is important now to listen and with intent see what has held you back and know that you can be free of the fears, the doubts, and the pain of the past. 

It is a special and once in a lifetime energy  of New Beginnings so know that much can be accomplished and much healing can take place.  Look deep within your heart and Soul for the answers are there; allow the light to shine through you with ease and grace.  Breathe in the light every morning, throughout your day and in the evening before bedtime and allow it to flow through every cell of you body now,  as you DNA expands and Re-calibrates and your Soul becomes a pure beacon of light for the world. 

As your body begins to come alive with the promise of New Life and the New Year you begin to see the many opportunities that lay ahead.  These opportunities are blessed by the Divine energies that surround you now, and in a great flow of synchronicity the new doors that begin to open are to be cherished and utilized for they are the true gift. 

WE are here to reassure you that these times are of freedom and movement, as the rays flow through your very being so that you may revisit joy and light once more. Feel our love as it reaches out to touch you now.  Feel the light that shines from our hearts into yours, as it flows gracefully throughout your body, mind and Soul. 

Know that you are cherished and loved and that we are always by your side.  For you have not been forgotten, and as the Divine Universal Energies watch over the Earth we promise that each Soul will be resurrected, for the Earth is just a stepping stone for what is to come.  The blessings that open your heart and soul will multiply and your place in the Heavens will be held for you, for one day we will meet and join our hearts in great celebration. 

Remember that you are truly cherished and loved

In light and Love, Jesus and the Pleiadian Emissaries of light

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