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An 8 Week Intensive Course in Miracles and Joy
with Rev. Cathi Burke
Evening Intensive 8 Week Course begins on Wednesday September 17th 2014 - from 7-9:30 for 8 Full Weeks of exploring the Course in Miracles, special additions from the Guidance of the Angels and all of the Divine - Energy Process's will accompany the 8 week course for greater understanding and assimilation - Each week will help you to develop a true understanding of the principals in the Course in a more simplistic way as well as added bonus Journey work to help you to open and receive the Courses energies and its many gifts -

If you are truly ready to "See things differently" and break through to pure Joy in all areas of your life, then this 8 weeks can be the beginning of a Profoundly Joyful New Way of Life

Rev. Cathi Burke completed the full Intensive Course in Miracles Journey in the Spring of 1984 and since then has been part of an ongoing Study Group

I am  pleased to bring this special 8 Week Intensive Journey of Miracles and Joy  to Angels of Light once again in September 2014

The Course in Miracles is a Life Changing and Life Enhancing Journey that will help you to truly understand who you truly are in the eyes of God.  The course will bring greater clarity, peace, love and understanding into your everyday life, and its teachings and lessons will provide you with a foundation towards true Enlightenment.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to share these wonderful teachings and channeling from Jesus, as together we can heal are deepest wounds and bring forth a life that is richer and fuller in joy.
If you are truly ready to bring perfect and profound understanding and true meaning into your life
A Course in Miracles is for you

For more information contact
Cathi at 781-871-1740

Cost for the 8 Weeks is $344.00
Payment plans are available

We will have a monthly Study Group following the 8 weeks

This is a Full Intensive Journey into the Course and not to be confused with a "Study Group"
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