ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

All New Creative Coaching 444 Training
with Certified Creative Soul Coach
Rev. Cathianna Burke
A pure Expansion of the Soul

Begins Wednesday June from 7-9:30 -

One week off on the 29th

Ending Wednesday July 27th -

A special Two Fold Certification 

Soul work has changed my life in so many ways. My Soul Coach training began in the mid 80's with Robert Fritz,  and in 2009 with the Gateway University of Metaphysical Studies and Ministry and others who helped me to expand my Soul as I was able to harness the energies of my hearts desires, my Soul Mission and my Dharma expanding into the woman I am today

Here’s the quote..from my heart to yours:

“Cathianna's heart is as big as the Universe…she loves deeply and fully! It is a joy to recommend her.” Soul Coach Denise Linn

For many years I have used these tools daily in my own life and in my work with others. Teaching and expanding my students Soul Mission through the 8 Week Soul Journey and through my daily Angels/Soul Coaching Sessions  

It is my desire to share my gifts through honoring my Soul Path, and to expand my Soul Coaching Teachings to all who are ready to expand their own gifts out into the world

Soul Coaching is an amazing offering, that helps those who participate to truly find their Path, their Light and their Creative Self and their Souls Mission

Creative Coach Training 444 will help you the student become the Practitioner and use these powerful creative tools and spiritual connections to help others as well as yourself

I feel honored and ready to share this wonderful Training with all who are ready and willing to receive

Note: Each class is tailored to you the Creative Soul Coach as these special teachings will help you to help yourself and others

Classes will include

Connecting to and working with the Wheel of Life, your Angels and Soul Guides

Tapping into true Hearts Desires and learning how to teach others how to connect with theirs

Numerology and the Soul's true expression

Weekly Journey Work through the Spiritual and Angelic Realms to share with clients

Creative Coaching Sessions/yours and learning how to work with clients

Special process's tools and skills to enhance your Soul Coaching Practice and so much more

Cost for this Life Enhancing Certification is

Creative Coaching 444 Practitioner Certificate
upon Completion of the 8 Weeks

Payments plans are always available with 100.00 deposit

Call 781-871-1740 to register

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