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Crystal Essences

New Batch of 2017 Divine Clearing/Protection Spray

Rev. Cathi Burke has developed a line of Divine Energy Sprays that were given to her one by one in her many Meditations and Journey Sessions with the Angels, Ascended Masters and all of the Divine. 

Each spray is "Channeled" from the energies above and only the finest Essential Oils and Flower Essences, and activated crystals are used to formulate each spray.
Mother Mary's Divine Essence 
This wonderful blend of divine oils and essences w/rose quartz and the energies of the Dove brings forth and enhances your connection with your soul, which includes a "Special" soul process to use daily before spraying
All Divine Blends Include
Each blend is made with divine essential oils, quarzt crystals and flower essences with channeled blessings from Rev. Cathi
Chakra balancing blend
Arch Angel Blend
Divine Empowerment Blend
Divine Miracles Blend
Clearing Spray
Divine Protection
Guardian Angel Blend
Prosperity Blend
Atlantian Chakra Blend 
Note: Sprays are $20.00 plus 5.00 for
shipping and handling
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