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All New and Unique

Energy/Empath Training Certification with
Gifted Empath, Medium and Healer
Rev. Cathi Burke

A One Day Certification will be offered on
Sunday March 24th 11-4 p.m.

As an Empath since birth and most likely in many of my Past Lives, I have experienced many wonderful opportunities to "Tune In" and help those around me. 

For the past 30 years I have used my Empathic gifts to connect deeply with people, situations and even the planet, searching for ways to keep myself happy, healthy and joyful, as my Soul continued to do its work as a gifted Empath and Healer. 

Energy/Empath wholeness training to all who are ready to harness their gifts and continue to be able to clear, cleanse, and free themselves of many of the energies that may cling to you after using your special Empathic wisdom -

I can't say enough about this Energy/Empath Training, other than if you are an Empath and are feeling you need better boundaries, Energy tools and Skills to live a balanced and harmonious life, and tools to expand your gifts out into the world Full Day if for you

A True Survival Guide & Joy Empowering Training for All Empaths, Healers, Mediums, & Intuitives

Your Full Day Saturday training will include

***How to balance and use your Empathic gifts  wisely

****Many energetic tools and techniques to embrace and balance your Empathic, Healer and Intuitive gifts

***Journey Work and Sound Healing just for you

***How to Energetically clear quickly and easily in all situations
and how to empower others rather than to take on their energies

***How to live as a Joyful Empath and  making a
difference in the world and more

Cost for the day is 222.00 with an Energy/Empath Certificate upon completion

781-871-1740 to register
50.00 depost
weekly payment plans

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