ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
  The Divine Energy Spreads
Certification with gifted Channel & Intuitve
Cathi Burke

Your 6 week Training
begins on Watch for New Summer Dates to be announced

Over the next 6 Weeks you will learn an array of Powerful and energizing techniques to enhance your communications with your Guides, Angels and the Divine Universal Energies that surround us through a series of special Spreads that will enhance you the Reader and your gifts 

Each week you will learn a “New” energy technique as well as new tools and ways to enhance your abilities, open your third eye, protect your aura, and work with the “Empath” within you. 

You will be guided through a channeled meditation to awaken your “Inner Wisdom” connect deeper with your Guides, Angels, Higher Self, and more. 

At the end of the Six Weeks you will have “Stretched” your Intuitive “Muscles” as greater clarity, understanding, trust and faith in your abilities are established. 

Each Divine Energy Spread was given to me by my Angels and Guides, and has helped previous classes to extend their insight, offering many different types of readings to their clients.

Six Special Spreads:

***Your Intuitive Will and the Ascension Spread

***The Medicine Wheel Spread with Special
Pleiadian Cord Cutting Process

***The Special “Flower of Life Spread”

*** Divine Guidance of the Heart Spread

***Numbers/Colors/Symbols Spread

***The Energy Mandala Spread

Join me for this empowering and life enhancing Intuitive Training as you expand your Gifts and your Life's Purpose

Cost for the 6 Weeks is 244.00

50.00 deposit with weekly payment plan is available

Certificate upon Completion of the 6 Weeks

Call 781-871-1740 to register

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