ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
The month of June is a special time to expand your wings and Fly

Join us for our life enhancing workshops and events

Our Special Crystal/Angel Pamper Fest on Friday June 15th from 5-9 p.m.

Highlights this months events

Special June Events

One Day Past Life/ Training w/Cathi Burke

Crystal Angel Pamperfest Fair

Kaile Dutton's special
Healing Bowls Sound Event

Planetary Full Moon Astrology Evening w/ Jill Jardine

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Every Monday evening in June 7-9 p.m. we continue our Special Meditation and Manifestation Healing Journey Night with the Sounds of the Rainbow Crystal Bowls, Heart Healing Crystal Pyramid and a group of Divine Instruments that call forth the highest and most divine energies
with Cathi & Cristina Burke from 7-9 p.m - 20.00.

Every Friday morning in June 11-12:30 p.m.

RELAX, RECLINE AND RECEIVE with our Special Spring Crystal Grid Energies and the Sounds of the 8 Angel Ray Crystal Bowls

Special Springtime Crystal Grid energies for clearing and healing

Every Thursday evening in June
Chi Gong for Everyone with Patty Gage - 7-8 p.m.

Chi Gong Practice brings you into a state of balance and bliss - helping to support your body mind and spirit

15.00 walk in or buy 4 weeks for 48.00

Sound Healing and Stillness Event with Kaile Dutton

Thursday June 7th - Join us for an amazing evening of Sound Healing and Song with gifted Artist and Healer/ Intuitive
Kaile Dutton

Please call to register

From 7-8:30  cost is 35.00

Sunday June 10th - One Day Past Life/Embracing your Soul Training with specialist Cathi Burke from 11-5 p.m.

join me as together we venture deep into the Akashic Records and the Crystal Caves, learning how to "Tune into" our Past Lives and the Past Lives of others, for healing movement, and joy - many tools, skills and journey work accompany this class -
One Day Past Life Training Certificate will be given
please call to register - 781-871-1740

New Moon Chant Night with Jill Jardine
Thursday June 14th 7-9 p.m.

Lift Your Vibration and Heal yourself and the Planet

New Moon Chant Night with chant Master and Astrologer Jill Jardine from 7-9 p.m. Join Jill as together we lift our vibration through the wisdom and energy of special Sanskrit Chants - a time to expand and heal 20.00

Friday June 15th - Our Evening Pamperfest Crystal Angel Fair  from 5-9 p.m.

Visit our Fair on the side panel for all offerings

Thursday June 28th - Astrology and you Full Moon planetary chant night and Chart Readings with Jill Jardine - For this special event you must call with your birth information - What do the summer months have in store for you? gifted Astrologer Jill Jardine will give you your updated chart, and together we will bring in the energies of Summer 2018 -
Please call with your birth info - 781-871-1740

Special 12 Month Forecast Angel/Soul/Crystal Reading
125.00 - call Cathi to schedule

Cristina and I will be offering all of our many Healing and Intuitive Sessions throughout the week - call 781-871-1740 to schedule your appointment

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