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Magnified Healing  

 with Cristina Burke
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The Violet Flame and Quan Yin
Many have described Magnified Healing energy as "soft yet powerful," "magnetic," "very yin" (or feminine) in its essence. Using the center line of the body and starting at the top of the head, practitioners place one hand in front of the body and the other behind the body. They then move their hands down the body (usually without touching the recipient), all the way to the feet until the entire body has been treated with Magnified Healing. Those who have experienced this beautiful energy feel uplifted, peaceful, connected to the Source Creator. Magnified Healing recipients often feel a pleasant tingling or pulsing in areas with which the healing facilitator is working.
The recipient generally completes the treatment with great reduction of stress and pain.
Magnified Healing occurs through balancing the spiritual centers (the chakras). It fully integrates all modalities. From breath and sound to movement, the seeker is actively, consciously engaged in the process. The healer is merely a facilitator, allowing the participant to continue on the healing process without further assistance. (Unique to Magnified Healing are the release of Karma and preparation for Ascension.)
Magnified Healing is very easy to learn and to use, and it is available to everyone. It is initiatory: In the class, the Ascended Master Kwan Yin will be present energetically to initiate you. It incorporates all aspects of healing, allowing the student to participate and then to teach the process without lengthy internships.
As with other healing modalities, Magnified Healing may be practiced in absentia. Unique to the process is the formation of sacred geometries put in motion by the preparation, connection to Source, healing of karma, and work with the earth, which provides a sealed light matrix. The matrix is sealed as the energy is first created and then rededicated to Source. Not only can you use Magnified Healing with other kinds of healing but it also magnifies the healing energy you already have, whether you are new to healing work or already an experienced healer.
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