ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

On Heavens Wings 8 Week
Mediumship Certification with

Begins in October 2017 dates to be announced

A Unique and Loving Way to
Enhance your Gifts

I help to bring your loved ones through on the "Wings of the Angels" and will teach you how to uniquely work with the "Other Side" over the next 10 weeks with the help of the Angelic Realm and all of the Divine

Note: We will be offering a Monthly Mediumship Circle to support and enhance your gifts once the Certification is complete

 I pride myself on my generosity and kindness and promise to be patient and loving to all who join this Certification"

"Since I was a small child I have been making the connection with those in Spirit and I am very excited to teach you what I have been gifted over the years"
Rev. Cathi Burke

"Since the age of 3 after the passing of my father I was able to connect and feel spirit deeply" "I am very excited about sharing my knowledge and gifts with all of you"
Cristina Burke

In this Unique Training

  • You will learn first and foremost how to energetically prepare yourself to work with those in Spirit becoming a "Conduit" for their messages of love and healing, forgiveness and grace

  • Crystal Mediumship and how these Gems of the Earth can be used to enhance your connection to loved ones in spirit

  • How sound can be used to enhance your connections and to bring in Higher Dimensions and deepen your Mediumship gifts

  • Guided Journey work with the "Other Side" as well as a large array of Metaphysical "Tools" and "Skills" to enhance your connection

  • Weekly practice and encouragement as your gifts unfold

  • The Gifts of Trance Mediumship and how to "Sharpen" your connection

  • Working one-on-one offering your
Mediumship Skills to Clients and Family

  • Tools, Techniques and Skills -Mediumship for Groups

And much, much more!

Mediumship Certification Certificate through
"On Heavens Wings"
The Angels of Light Healing & Intuitive Center

will be given to all who complete the 10 Weeks

Cost for the 8 weeks is $444.00

$100.00 deposit required

Please call to register 781-871-1740
Angels of Light Healing & Intuitive Center
320 Washington Street
Norwell, MA
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