ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
Coming in 2016
Body, Mind and Soul Metaphysical Journey
6 weeks of Healing your
Body, Mind and Soul

With Holistic and Alternative Practitioner
Cathi Burke

6 week Metaphysical Atlantian Journey
With Atlantian Specialist Cathi Burke
 Dates to be announced
6 Week Divine
Energy/Alchemy/Metaphysical Atlantian Journey
Testimonial from a Happy Student
The recent six week Energy/Alchemy Course was truly an amazing journey of discovery. I feel I have learned such a wonderful variety of metaphysical knowledge, combined with beautiful guided journeys and experiential exercises with other students. As a result of this class, I have a practical, magical set of Divine tools and techniques to enjoy and share on my life's path. Thank you, Cathi.
Denise Barry - Shelburne, MA
Working with the Highest and Most Divine Alchemy and Energy Techiques in each class
and your Atlantean Angels and Guides
This class is tailored to many of the Metaphyscial Energies that are available to us at this time in 2013 and beyond
Enhanced Energy work is the key to healing, movement and harnessing the "New" energy that are now presenting themselves on the Earth Plane
You will Journey to Atlantis and your past lives and learn alchemy/energy techniques that were given to us by this advanced culture

Work with the Akashic Records and Travel to the Crystal Caves
You will work with the "Violet Flame" through a special evening of Journey Work and Heightened Energy/Alchemy tools and skills harnessing these powerful energies, learning how to harness and use this powerful Gift from Source in all areas of your life
You will work with the 8 Angels of Light and their many new and exciting channeled techniques and healing Modalities
Enhanced Sacred Shapes and the Power of Numbers in your life and how you can harness their energies for healing, clearing and chakra balancing
 How to read Aura's and clear the Aura with special energetic tools, crystals and more...learn a whole series of Aura clearing techniques and a special Healing Modality
Each Class begins with a special Journey opening the Energy Systems of the Body, the Chakra's and preparing you for the evenings Teachings
At the end of the evening we will be confirming and enhancing the energy work that you learned through a special Divine Energy Spread, which will also enhance your intuition and understanding of where you are now and where you are headed
Over the next Six Weeks you will learn powerful, healing and life enhancing Alchemy/Energy Tools for Transformation helping your body, mind and soul to shift and change with the times
You will be using these spreads to enhance the energies and alchemy skills taught in class and learning 6 Special Spreads including but not limited to:
 You will use a variety of High Vibrational Spreads to confirm the work we do in each Class
Atlantean Angels Spreads
Sacred Geometry Spreads
Aura Spreads
Color and Number Spreads
and more
Testimonials : This class was filled with incredible energy techniques and tools to enhance my work both healing and my Intuitive abilities soared! Cathi is an incredible Energy Worker/Psychic/Intuitive and has great insight on how to help people to tune into their abilities and gifts.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take thier Intuitive abilities to the next level/ M. C. /Norwell
Cathi thank you for formulating this class and bringing these heightened energies and awareness to the class.  I really feel that I have harness a wonderful array of Energy/Alchemy tools to use in my work and on myself.  Deb
I love Cathi's work she is one of the most talented and gifted Intuitives and Healers  I have ever met.  She is filled with knowledge and shares this with everyone who takes her classes. 
She has made a believer out of me.
Thanks so much, Sue
The cost for the 6 Weeks is $244.00 with $50.00 deposit/
$20.00 extra for Atlantian Crystal Kit and Spray
Payment Plans are Available
Call 781-871-1740 to register
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