ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
 A Divine array of 44 Angelic Channeling Sessions
Messages from those in Spirit
Divine Poetry, and Guided Healing and Journey Work

 My New Book "My Soul's Embrace" will be coming out in2015 along with the 8 Angel Ray Journey CD
and Angels of Light Divine Tarot Deck

In 1995 After the passing of my dear father Americo Michael, my Journey with the Angels began.  For many years I had been drawn to and collected Angels and it was all about to now unfold. As I woke from a sound sleep, sitting at the edge of my bed I saw two Angels carrying my dear father to his New home in Heaven.  Remarkably the phone rang shortly after that and the hospital told me my father had passed. As I stood by his hospital bed with my family, we prayed for him and I felt and heard his voice come to me letting me know he was happy and free from pain.  My Angel work began that night as I began to channel messages from above and spirit began to connect with me daily.  A gift from the passing of my dear father.  As my work continued to heighten I was told by Spirit and my Dad that it was time to write a book.  A book that would help those who read each page to connect deeper with the Angels, Healing , and the transformation that was ready to occur in their lives, as well as to connect them with loved ones who had made the Journey Home.  Americo Michael surrounded by Angels is a wonderful book with an array of Divine Spirit Connections,  Healing and Meditative tools, channeling from the Arch Angels, and the Highest order of the Serapham with 44 channeling sessions, bringing the Angels Love and guidance, support and healing along with my loved ones who have passed as they bring the reader messages of love and light from the Heavens.  Devotional Poetry and stories from Spirit, positive Uplifting Energy, along with Grace,  Hope and Healing.

The Butterfly Awakened CD 
Will take you on a guided Healing Chakra Meditation with the Healing energies of the Angels, followed by the Butterfly Garden Meditation helping you to release the old to welcome the new, transforming and renewing your Body, Mind and Spirit

Ending with Positive Affirmations to be used in your daily life for transformation and joy!

The 8 Angel Ray Divine Tune-Up CD by Cathianna Burke channel for the 8 Angel Rays of Light

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