ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

I am honored to bring this special advanced
Training/ Healing and Movement Certification
To all of you

New Dates in 2017/2018

My Story

In 1982 after the loss of my husband Walter at age 28 I began an inner search that brought me into the Holistic Realms where I was able to heal and grow

For many years I have been studying and participating in Past Lives and have taken many classes and workshops to advance my work

In 1982 my Healing Journey begin as  I was hired to work for a Large Holistic Practice in Brighton

It was there that I learned all about Past Life Regression and Journey work as I participated both as a Student and a Facilitator

It was there that I began to heal many of my own Past Lives, which has brought me into a State of greater wisdom and understanding

 I learned about our Sacred Contracts with others and developed a rich understanding of why we are together in this life - which began to perpetuate greater healing in my own life

Through my own experiences and with the help of my Angels and Soul Guides I have developed this special Two-Part Past Lives Training and feel truly honored to be part of your expansion in 2016 and your healing Journey

I have been working on putting this program together for
over a year and
I am ready to share it all with you

Testimonials from Students

This was a very healing and expansive experience for me, Thank you Cathianna for all of your inspiration and guidance
Joanne Castercoine

I loved every minute of the 8 weeks
Mary Pillsbury

I saw Past Lives that brought great understanding and healing to my current life - love Cristina

Simply the Best! thank you Cathianna

The Healing for me was phenomenal
thanks so much Beth

8 Week Format for this Certification:

This is a two fold Certificate Program

Isn't it time for you to move into your Joy?
The First part of the 8 Weeks: you will be learning about the 3 Major Past Lives that are affecting you now in this lifetime with special Journey Work, Metaphysical tools for Healing and tuning into the Guidance and Wisdom of the Lords of the Akashic Records 
The 2nd Part of the Program will be practice with others so that you can share this wonderful tool with Clients, Family and Friends
Special Past Lives Cards will be used which will also heighten your Intuitive Gifts
Each week will begin with a special Journeytraveling into the Akashic Records for greater Understanding 
Enlightenment and Healing

12 Special Crystals and the Crystal Caves
You will learn a Special array of Metaphysical Tools to understand and clear past life residue moving into you Joy
Specially Designed Energy Medicine and Ancient Wisdom to expand your knowledge or Self and your Past Lives
Your Healing Journey Begins
Week One - Journey into the Akashic Records, and their importance in your Earth Journey- Connecting with 3 of your Past Lives that you will heal over the 8 weeks -Special Process given to me by the Lords of the Akashic Records to connect simply with their wisdom and knowledge
Week Two - Connecting with your own Past Lives for Healing & Transformation- special training to offer this service to others
Week Three - Forgiveness and your Past Lives/Sacred Contracts/Lessons
Week Four - Past Life Session and Practice with the 8 Angel Rays of Life and the Lords of the Akashic Records/Clearing a Pathway for Expansion and Healing
Week Five - Special Energy Medicine tools to clear and release Past Life Trauma- Working with special Karma Points -
Week Six - Working with Crystal energies and the tools that will enhance your Intuition, deepening your connection to the Records
Week Seven - Releasing and Healing with Past Lives and the Angelic Realms for self and others
Week Eight - Karma, Past Lives, and Final release/Graduation
Cost 444.00
100.00 Deposit
Weekly payment plans available
Past Life Practitioner/Healer Certificate given at the end of the 8 Weeks if all classes are completed -
 This Class is very Special to me and I feel honored to share it all with you 
 must call to register 781-871-1740 
 Call and Register before January 5th and receive a special Crystal that has been attuned to the Akashic Records 
Angels of Light
320 Washington Street 
Norwell, MA 02061

Blessings, Cathianna 

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