ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

A Journey of the Soul activating Miracles, Joy, and your Inner Light" Soul Mission

An all new 2018 Soul Journey begins
                         Wednesday April 18th 7-9:30

"This is one of the most Powerful Classes I have ever taken - it changed my life"  Andrea Z



Soul Journey Into Miracles & Manifestation
With Rev. Cathi Burke
Angel Minister/Messenger/Medium
Creative Soul Coach and Healer

You will begin to:

  • Bring Miraculous change and movement to current life situations, body, mind, and spirit
  • Connect with your true inner soul guidance daily to perpetuate powerful change and enlightenment
  • Learn about your Soul Mission and Channel your Souls Messages, connecting deeply with your Soul guides
  • Explore and release limiting belief systems
  • Connect to your “Authentic” Self/Soul Lessons/healing
  • Soul Retrieval to re-unite body, mind and spirit
  • Bring forth the “Love” you truly deserve and desire, for yourself and the world
  • Experience 12 Powerful Soul "Keys for Transformation
  • Heal old belief systems and Physical Ailments from this life and past lives
  • Transform your goals into reality with your Soul Attunement and special Transformation Board Class
  •  Develop your Soul Mission Statement, and so much more

Each Journey is unique bringing forth powerful transforming energy to all who participate - many new and exciting offerings on each Journey

Join me for 8 powerful and transforming weeks of movement, manifestation and miracles in all areas of your life. Connect with your true self, your soul mission, and open the doorways to your bright and brilliant future. I am taking 12 on this magnificent Journey so call today

Be all that you were ever meant to be!

These are but a few of the Students of the Soul Journey and their wonderful transformations

As I connected deeper with my Soul and its many gifts, I began to feel a sense of peace, calmer and more connected to my true essence.  I could see that I truly was a spirit having a human experience and could value this in everyone.  I feel more connected to the divine energies and my Soul, and have a greater understanding of my purpose here on Earth. 

-Joanne Castricone

I had always been an over-achiever, and my accomplishments had been many.  Since a small child, I had been encouraged by my parents and peers to succeed.  I began to believe that this is who I was, my accomplishments, but as my Soul expanded I began to feel much more intuitive, and feelings and emotions began to flow from me that I had never experienced.  I know now that I am so much more than my accomplishments, and that I don’t have to fix anyone anymore.  With this one belief change, I feel freedom to express who I am in a diverse way.  My Soul is Free.

-Heidi Roy

My Soul and I are re-connected in a way that is very nurturing.  By connecting with my Soul and all its many facets, I feel empowered and full of courage and strength.  I have more clarity and understanding. I feel lighter, with a better awareness of who I truly am.  I also see that I have a choice, not to allow others to bring me down. I can be the observer and feel the light within my Soul.

-Rachael McDermott

I am aware of my deepest heart and Soul desires and can now feel my Soul drawing me closer and closer to a profession in the Healing Arts.  I had a belief that I had to fill other people’s expectations, and now I see that I no longer have to extend my energy in this way.  My voice has come alive and I know that by connecting my heart and Soul with all parts of who I am, I can take care of myself and let go of all that no longer serves me.

-Patty Whitcher, Doves Flight Healing

I can actually feel my Soul and its guidance, each and everyday.  A whole series of events began to occur and miracles have flowed into my life like never before.  I have found my true purpose and essence as a Healer and Spiritual Teacher and have been able to express this now as my profession. I am so grateful for the gifts of my Soul, and opened my heart to true love.

-Cristina Burke, Divine Healing Light

The 8 Week Soul Journey course was liberating and challenging at the same time. During the course I was gently pushed, in the best way possible, to confront the depths of my being. I discovered new passions and parts of myself I never new existed. I came to terms and healed old thoughts, habits and feelings that were holding me back. As a result of the Soul Journey course, today I can confidently say I feel a much greater sense of wholeness in myself." 

-George Ghantous

After taking the 8 week Soul Journey I was able to expand my healing and energy work and take it to a whole new level.  I felt that working directly with my Soul helped to feel more empowered and focused for my journey ahead.  It was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend it to those who are ready to move forward towards their Soul Mission in life.

-Jodi Griffin St. Onge, Blue Angel Healing

This is but a few of the many who have opened their heart and Soul through the Soul Journey.  My own Soul feels honored and filled with joy, knowing that my own Soul Mission continues to bring light into the world.

As the teacher for the Soul Journey all of my wonderful students also helped me to expand my Soul and my healing and intuitive work and teachings to a whole new level.  I feel that the Soul Journey has helped me to have a deeper and more profound connection with my mission and my life purpose, and for this I am grateful.

-Rev. Cathi Burke, Angels of Light
This is the most powerful class I've taken (though they are all awesome This journey transformed my life and my soul. Highly recommend!!! Andrea

"After taking the Soul Journey I was inspired to expand my healing and holistic work"

 A Special Testimonial
The Soul Journey filled with Miracles
This Class was like no other. I will be enhanced by the experience for years to come, it was life changing.The exercises not only brought me a deeper level of knowledge about who I am but also about where I am supposed to be and the types of people I am to be surrounded by. I will use the tools designed to enhance relaxation and deep spiritual connection on a daily basis.
Thank you so much Cathi for your divine presence and thanks to my classmates who were also instrumental in my growth. I am so blessed." Denise Cromwell

Thank you for bringing my life back into full empowerment and movement. The Soul Journey helped me to heal on many levels -  Love Karen
A New Direction
The Soul Journey helped me to move forward in a whole new direction. I haven't been this happy and free in years!
Kristina E.
Where:  The Angels of Light Intuitive and Healing Center, 320 Washington Street, Norwell, MA
Cost:  $422.00 payment plans available
$100.00 deposit on my Pay Pal site
Special Early Sign up Bonus
Take 22.00 off if you register by January 31st

For more information or to Register call Cathi at 781-871-1740
Or e-mail me at

****Credits will be issued for other goods and service as well as towards workshops and long distance readings and in house readings.            
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