ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

Cristina and I would like 
to welcome you to
Angels of Light

A Divine Sanctuary and Spiritual Center for
Healing and  Miracles
Since May of 2010

We are A Mother/Daughter Team of
Spirit Messengers
with a commitment to your
Well Being

                                                                   WE Specialize in

Body, Mind and
Soul Healing
   Spiritual Journey's
Guided Meditation
 Sound Healing
          Intuitive Training        
    Healing Certifications
                                                         Energy Medicine
                                                         Holistic Nutrition
                                                        Crystals and more

We are both in Co-Creation with all to bring Love,
Divine Connections and Healing Energy to you and the planet

Our Passion is our work, and our Hearts and Souls are here to share the light and divine miracles with all who cross our path

For over 30 years I have studied and worked with Spiritual truths and healing energies, and studied with many of the Masters feeling blessed to bring these teachings to all of you,  as great healing and enlightenment are the outcome.

Many Blessings, Cathi

As a Spiritual "Light Worker" team Cristina and I bring our many Certifications, Readings, Healing Offerings and Classes to all who are open to receiving, as we co-create with Spirit.

Both Cristina and I are committed to showing you how to bring forth peace, joy, love, light, miracles and abundance to yourself, your families, and the world.  May you grow and flourish

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“Cathi's heart is as big as the Universe…she loves deeply and fully! It is a joy to recommend her.”
Denise Linn, 
Soul Coach and Author

Cathi was one of my first Angel Ministers and has a very special connection with the Angels and all of the Divine I am honored to know and work with her.

Rev. Kimberly Marooney
Creator of the Angel Ministry, & Author

So appreciate all you both are doing to assist in raising planetary vibrations & awareness one by one. Feeling Blessed to have been led to you & once again and ‘be’ among others who are also on a similar Spiritual Path.

With Gratitude & Light, Elayna Collins, MT

It is our Pleasure to be of service!

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I feel so blessed to be on this path with my beautiful daughter Cristina who works with me daily
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Angels of Light
320 Washington Street
 Norwell, Massachusetts
Telephone: 781-871-1740
E-Mail -

****We are also open for your events (Rental Space) Please call for more information

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