ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
Channeling from Master Jesus through Cathi Burke
2018 Energies filled w/Expansion and Light

The Universal 11=2 Cycle is upon us
Creative Power and Expansion

A special 2018 - New Year Channeling from
Master Healer Jesus – The Awakening
By: Rev.
Cathi Burke

Brand new is the word that first comes forth from Master Teacher/Healer Jesus, as I sit with his picture in front of me I feel his heart connect with mine. A great Awakening is upon us, as his is a beautiful heart filled with light, joy, compassion and grace, and as I feel him opening my heart to his I feel the purest form of unconditional love and bliss.  Thank you Jesus, for all that you are, and all that you bring to the Earth. His Message for 2018 is as follows: I breathe in deep and the words begin to flow:  
You have forsaken yourself for others, and in many ways, it is this that has brought you the confusion that you have been feeling in 2017.  I am here tonight to let you know that your ways of thinking will begin to shift and change, as you see that all have their own special Journey, and that all you can do is support their process.  This process is one that I am very familiar with, and as a Healer and Spiritual Teacher, had to embrace. As I looked upon the sick and the poor, my heart went out to them, and I used my light to lift them and wake them up.  The truth is that I am still doing this today, with everyone on your planet. 
In 2018 you will begin to see a shift in your thinking, as it is a must to embrace yourself and all that you truly are, pure light, love, and joy, for that is what has been instilled deep within your DNA – this gift that has been within you for an eternity is making its way to the surface more and more, and as it does, my greatest hope is that you embrace and surrender to the fact that you are a beautiful spirit, ready to enhance your life, and embrace your own special and unique talents and gifts, and that as you do this your self worth will expand. You awaken to the fact of your own beauty and with this you begin see the beauty and the light in others, and in all things, for the lessons will continue to escalate and unfold in the New Year.
Great courage is needed on your planet, and one by one as a people, with my light and joy by your side, you can turn the tides.  It is time for everyone to understand that as a species you are two fold, filled with the highest and most divine energies, as well as to have the balance of the Ego mind, that steals your peace, and tells you that you are worthless.  The Awakening will be stunning as you begin to see and feel that you deserve all that is abundant and beautiful, knowing that each one of you deserves to feel love, and wholeness.  The Creative Two cycle that will unfold on January 1 2018 will bring you into a state of great Creative Power, and a yearning to expand your talents and gifts even more.
 I ask that you believe in yourself knowing that I am by your side and believe in you.  I Invite you to blend my energy with yours, as together a great healing begins to unfold. A healing of the mind, which brings you into a state of all knowing, that you are truly One with God and worthy of all that is great.  As my light shines down upon you all, I am humbled by the many gifts that you harbor, and delight in the unfolding that is taking place within each person on the planet.  Like me, you are a light that shines bright upon the world.
In Joy, and Light Jesus 2018 
Remember that you are truly cherished and loved

In light and Love, Jesus

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