ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
A 2020 Channeling of Divine Universal Energies and Guidance  through Creative Channel and Life Coach
Rev. Cathi Burke

The energies of the 4 Cycle
will shine down upon your Heart and Soul

2020 Energies filled with Transformation for all -

The Universal 4 Cycle is about to take over, in 2020 and gifts us the true meaning of Transformation.  With the planets and the energies of our times, and with a little extra work and effort, the Universal 4 Cycle of the Heart will bring about great movement and manifestation on all levels.

As the energies of the Four cycle falls upon the Earth, we begin to see a shift and a change in the many possibilities that have been surrounding us.  Four is a sign of the directions, the heart the home within our Soul and more, and, as these energies grow each month, we are given the opportunity to expand our horizons, with greater joy and purpose at the helm.

Yes, its all about giving all we do a little extra attendion to expand your horizons on many different levels, and as you embrace these energies it is wise to remember that what you ask for is about to manifest.

Choosing Love is the theme, and staying positive and focused on your outcome, for the energies will begin to take you exactly where you ask, bringing you into many situations that are new, and connecting you with the right people, places and situations that will help you to manifest that which is truly in your heart.

Move into your heart space and ask, for as you listen a perfect well of energy begins to formulate that can now be directed out into the Universe.  A great shift will follow as the Four cycle would have it no other way.
Be the observer and bring forth the positive rather than the negative for both will grow with the energies of this powerful and transformative Four cycle. 

It is time, and you have waited long enough, so here it comes full throttle, full force into your life for you to embrace.

Work from the space in your heart and begin to see that with the essence of Love for who you are and what you do, your life and the life of the planet will expand into a place filled with possibilities and movement.

Make the choice to see all who cross your path as deserving as the veil is lifted, and you begin to know that only you and you alone can allow and embrace the beauty and the light that is waiting for a place in your life.

Be Grateful for everything, for as you are the energies open doors for more to come - allow happiness to shine into your life, and breathe in its nourishing energy, for it will expand more and more -

You are the Change, you are the Abundance you are the Prosperity, and you are the Joy -

It is so and so it is! Amen

May 2020 grow in Love, in Joy in Peace and in Grace for us all!

Living in Love

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