ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
Angel & Interfaith Ordained Minister,
Intuitive Channel, Creative Life Coach,
Medium, Healer and Author
Rev. Cathi Burke

Cathi is a Clear and Conscious Channel for the Divine Masters the Angelic Realms and the Universal Healing Energies

I feel honored to bring you this special guidance in these
shifting and changing times

As the Channel for the 8 Angel Rays of Light I am pleased to work hand in hand with each Angel Ray opening the pathways for the highest and most Divine Spirit to flow, and here to accelerate the Ascension Process for everyone

My Channel
continues to Grow and spread Love and Healing

The Angels speak through me with ease and grace and I feel honored to share their love and guidance with the world

Loved ones in spirit join me daily to bring their healing words of love to all who cross my path

My Soul Guides continue to help me to expand my Light and Teachings out into the world as together we connect each person with their own Special Earth Journey and Soul Mission

After my Sedona Arizona trip, my energy field began to receive more and more of these teachings, as I felt my physical and emotional bodies shifting and changing.

  As greater and greater light flows down upon the planet I am learning that I have to let go more and more and allow this light to shine down through my physical, emotional bodies and spiritual bodies.

It is time that we all surrender and allow these energies to become part of our own, as enlightened energies on the planet heighten.  I am so pleased to be part of this heightening energy and look forward to sharing it in the New Year and beyond at Angels of Light or where ever I go.

So stay open, and be willing to bring in this rich and healing light and allow it to move with ease and grace throughout your being for as you do a pure lasting joy and peace will be the outcome.

Cathi offers special

Sound Healing through her Meditations
and one-on-one Sessions

I look forward to bringing many New and Expansive classes, workshops and events to Angels of Light in the New Year beyond and I look forward to sharing it all with you -

In Light and Peace - Cathi

I Love my Work!

Cathi is also a Creative Coach, Author
Spirit Medium and Alternative Medicine Practitioner
"I believe in personal growth and continue to work towards higher levels of knowledge"  " I am committed to helping and empowering those who cross my path through the highest and most divine universal energies" I love Nature and Mother Earth
Rev. Cathi Burke has been teaching and offering Heightened Angelic Connections, Energy Activation and Medicine and Spiritual Counseling Sessions as well as Holistic Nutrition, Creative Soul Coaching and Healing Modalities along with Mediumship for close to thirty years

She is a graduate and a teacher through the Gateway University School of Higher Knowledge and Ministry.  She is an Ordained Interfaith Angel Minister and has studied with many of the finest Soul Coaches, and Spiritual Teachers and Master Healers since beginning her Spiritual Journey at age twenty. 

A student of Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Master Healer, Cathi continues to expand her gifts through Magnified Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Past Life Certifications and as a Essene Psycho cybernetic Practitioner.

Cathi has accomplished a BSN in Holistic Nutrition, and Certificates from the Global Institute of Alternative Energy Medicine.  She is a Student and Graduate of the Gateway University of Metaphysical Studies, and Ministry, and Creative Coaching through the DMA Instutitue.

She shares her work  through her Holistic Nutrition and Energy Sessions, Creative Coaching Sessions, Angelic Guidance and Soul Readings, Past Life to Wholeness and Mediumship Sessions which are all available Via telephone as well as at the Angels of Light Center in Norwell, and Centers around the world.

Cathi has helped those who have crossed her path to connect with their Angels, Soul Guides and the Divine Universal Masters that surround us, as she empowers each client to experience their Souls true Mission and Life Purpose

She is the Author of Americo Michael Surrounded by Angels, and My Soul's Embrace, and a Channel for the 8 Angel Rays of Light offering her Healing Angels and 8 Angel Ray tune-up CD at the Angels of Light Center in Norwell, and on this website.

Cathi is a Journey Specialist and Sound Healer offering her special and unique channeled healing Journey's along with the 8 Rainbow Chakra Crystals Bowls every Monday evening and Friday morning at Angels of Light. 

Since the age of twenty when her meditation interests began to unfold, Cathi has been sharing her Journey's with spirit and continues to expand these gifts to the all who are open to receive.

Her extensive training in Holistic Nutrition and Energy Medicine has helped many to heal body, mind and soul, as she is committed to working with all of those who are ready to open the doors to Higher Spiritual Knowledge, Growth, Healing and Transformation

Rev. Cathi Burke is the Channel for the
8 Angel Rays of Light

Cathi continues to study and share her gifts with the world at Angels of Light and other Holistic, the Gateway School for Metaphysical Studies and Healing Centers in the United States and Canada

A Diverse and Creative Healer

Cristina Burke of 
Divine Healing Light at
Angels of Light

Cristina is a graduate of Pine Manor College and holds a degree in Visual Arts- where she takes her spiritual gifts to others through her Healing work Spiritual Web Design and Crystal wisdom and knowledge  Cristina  also holds a Degree in Early Childhood education, and has been sharing her healing gifts and teachings with others for the past eleven years -She is trained in many Healing modalities and  Shamanic practices, and is committed to her healing work and teaching at Angels of Light.
As a Gifted Healer

Cristina is very passionate about her healing and crystal work and is certified in Magnified Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Teacher, Reiki & Lightarian Master and Crystal Specialist who offers an array of Healing Sessions. 

Cristina offers group Reiki Certifications and one-on-one sessions as well as Magnified Healing, Lightarian and Integrated Energy Therapy.  Cristina offers one-on-one Mediumship Sessions and Classes and as a student of Shamanism Cristina offers Illumination Healing and an 8 Week Healing with Crystals Certification bringing divine guidance through her Angel Readings, Mediumship and Crystal Healing Sessions at
Angels of Light.

 As an Angel Messenger and Spirit Medium her Intuition blends with her Healing Gifts as she is committed to helping those who cross her path.  Watch for her upcoming Workshops and Events and visit her website at


  We are located at:
320 Washington Street, Rt. 53 in Norwell, MA

To Contact Rev. Cathi Burke you can call 781-871-1740
 or by

To Contact Cristina Burke call 617-957-1783
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