ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
Angel Messages channeled by
Rev. Cathi Burke
The Angel Mihr
Your Loved ones in Heaven
As you sit by the window and think of your loved ones God smiles.  God has provided a "special" place for your loved one who sits by his side and brings you comfort, for as you think of your loved one you are connected within your heart forever.  Stop for but a moment now and hold your hand over your heart.  Think of your loved one in Spirit and feel the light from your heart reach out.  You have touched the heart of your loved one now and they smile for you will be connected now and forever more. 
In Love and Light
Angel Mirh
Divine Intentions –
Sharing our Love with the World
Healing Angel Cassiel's Message:
Precious Ones,
You are a beautiful being of light that is here to share and heal yourself.  As you bring forth this healing out into the world through the love that resides within your heart your blessings are magnified. You are here to share your  heart,  for as you do it is strengthened and rejuvenated bringing you closer to your Divine purpose here on earth.  As you reach out to those around you begin to feel the deep compassion and love that your Soul desires to manifest, knowing that you have a gift that can heal and bring great joy to all of those you touch.  In this season of Love you are reminded once again that Love is truly all that is, and its importance brings forth great healing and peace.  You are here on your planet to embrace spirit, and share the Divine Energies of the Universe with all who cross your path, as you cherish the life that has been given to you.  With each breath you take you  have a choice to give and receive this loving vibration, and as you work together as a team of Divine Beings you will begin to truly see that love is the beginning and the end of all things.  As you release and transform your beliefs into Grace you will softly glide towards the perfection that is who you truly are, and  you will delight and cherish each loving word, each smile and each tender moment that comes your way.   Be the love that heals the world!
With great devotion and love
 Angel Cassiel 

The Butterfly Awakened by Rev. Cathi Burke
I feel the transformation
The Angels come to me
No need to hold on tight now
This Mission meant to be
For as a flower blossoms
The petals they unfold
A story has been written
A story that's now told
For Crystal clear I see it
Its right before my eyes
The energies move swiftly
As old beliefs they die
For in my Transformation
The Old it fades away
The sun shines down upon me
A new and light filled Day
I hold this Transformation
As a gift for all who seek
To open up to Spirit
Both the bold and also meek
Like the Butterfly Awakened
From its deep and dark cocoon
The Transformation follows
A flower in full bloom
From Rev. Cathi's  Book : Americo Michael
"Surrounded by Angels"
(C) 2006
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