ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
My Workshop and Certification offerings - in Groups, Via phone, Internet and One-on-One

Over the years I have developed many wonderful Training's and Certifications with the help of my Angels and Soul Guides. 

With great success, many of these offerings can now be taken through One - on- One Training, via phone and the internet

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Are you ready to open and expand your Spiritual Knowledge, gifts and Personal Growth?
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Expansive Training's for Spiritual Growth and to enhance your well being and your work

The Heavenly Messengers beginners
Angel Certification

Learn how to connect and work directly with your Angels, with a special emphasis on automatic writing, Angel spreads and tools to expanded your intuitive gifts

Angels of Light advanced
Angel/Healers Certification

Expand your Angel Healing work and learn how to work directly with the Healing 8 Angel Rays of Light with advanced tools, spreads and the 8 Angels of Light Healing Modality and more

Become a 
Lightarian Angel Links Facilitator

5 powerful and loving Angels will accompany you as you are attuned to their heightened and healing energies.
Beginning with Seraph Rose Aura and the Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel each special attunement will connect you deeply with their many gifts - In turn you can begin to share this work with others as a Lightarian Angel Facilitator

Angels and Ascended Master Training

Learn all about the Ascended Masters and how together with the Angelic Realms, they work to promote greater support, guidance and light in your life - special attunement to each one, with teachings, process, divine guidance and special spreads are all part of this training

On Heavens Wings Mediumship Training
 is unique in its delivery and works directly with the Angels and Masters to enhance your Mediumship gifts, with an array of powerful tools, journey work, protections, clearing and Mediumship Spreads to use in your work

The Soul Journey into Miracles and Joy Training

A perfect training to accomplish Soul healing, expand and embrace your Soul, its beauty and its mission.  A Journey of true Soul Discovery, Healing, and Joy

Creative Coaching 444 - Training

Together we will recreate and open the doors to your bright and brilliant life, through a series of transformational tools, process, journaling, creative process and more - Special coaching sessions throughout the training.

The Divine Energy Spreads Training

Working directly with all of the Divine Universal energies, Goddess's, Masters, Fairies, Saints, Nature and more - learn an array of powerful spreads and energy work to enhance your intuitive work and your gifts.

The Energy/Empath Training

This special training is for all who are Intuitive, and feel they are often overwhelmed by the energies that surround them.  You will begin to learn how to balance your gifts, with tools for healing clearing, and expanding yourself as you create the ability to expand your Empathic gifts out into the world with greater ease and joy

Its all about Energy Training

This special training will expand your awareness of the energies around you, as well as to teach you how to use this energy to promote healing, movement and growth through working directly with the Chinese Meridians of the body, muscle testing, chi gong, foods, flower essences,  herbs, the chakra system, crystals and more.

Past Life Practitioner Training

The Lords of the Akashic Records and the Crystal Caves are calling, in this powerful and healing Past Life Training.  You will begin to tune into your own past lives, healing, and expanding your ability to experience greater peace and abundance in your life, as well as to learn a series of powerful tools, process and spreads to guide and help others with their past lives.

A Course in Miracles groups and training

The Course in Miracles is a Life Changing and Life Enhancing Journey that will help you to truly understand who you truly are in the eyes of God.  The course will bring greater clarity, peace, love and understanding into your everyday life, and its teachings and lessons will provide you with a foundation towards true Enlightenment.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to share these wonderful teachings and channeling from Jesus, as together we can heal are deepest wounds and bring forth a life that is richer and fuller in joy.

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