ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -
I am honored to offer you these special Creative Expressions of Love and Healing from my heart to yours

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Americo Michael
Surrounded by Angels
44 Special Angelic Channeled Sessions with the Angelic Realms, Spiritual Stories, tools for healing, poetry and more all created with the Love and Guidance of my Father Americo Michael

My Soul's Embrace
A Path of Soul Discovery
and Healing

An array of True Stories to feed and nourish and expand your Soul and its Mission, Special Process, Divine Prayers, Journey work and more - 12 special Soul Keys and Everything you could ever want to know about the Soul

Divine Clearing and Cleansing Protection Spray/w Crystals and Essential Oils

This special Spray can be used for clearing your home, office, car, as well as your physical and emotional bodies.  It has a special formula that also keeps the air clean and free from germs, as well as to lift the vibration of any situation

The 8 Angel Ray Tune-up CD
Will expand your ability to take on the highest forms of light that are coming down to the Earth at this time, as the 8 Angel Rays expand your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with their gifts of unconditional love, vitality, abundance, miracles, peace, healing, joy, faith and grace - all set to beautiful music

The Universal Healing Angels Chakra Cleanse CD
and the Butterfly Awakened Journey for the Soul

The 8 Angel Ray Energy Bracelet connecting you daily with the 8 Angel Rays of Light and their many gifts

Hand Made Chakra Energy Scarves-
Attuned to the energies of the 8 Chakra's. When worn they balance your energy field as well as to warm your Heart and Soul - special 3 yarn process -each scarf is unique and can be custom made - please allow 3 weeks for deliver of custom scarves

The Butterfly Awakened Cd with the
Healing Angels and the Journey of Transformation
This special CD brings forth Healing through the Angelic Realms, and the transforming energies of the Blue Butterfly - all set to music, it is healing, relaxing and rejuvenating for your Body, Mind and Soul

12 Month Angelic/Soul Forecast

I love offering this special gift from your Angels and Soul Guides, as each month you are guided to take the "Very Best" Avenue with the help of your Angels and your Soul.  This Forecast includes your Birth cycle energy and 12 months of Angelic Guidance, Energy tools for healing, and
Soul affirmations with a special
8 Angel Ray Bracelet and CD

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