ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

Relax, Recline and Receive as the light go out and you fall into the Arms of the Angels and all of the Divine in this "Unique" Journey Night

Rev. Cathi Burke
Two Special Times

Every Monday Night from -  7-9 p.m.
Every Friday Morning  - 11:00 - 12:30

Special Healing energies each week
That move with the energies of our times
Enhancing and Healing your
Health and Well Being
in 2017 and Beyond

An Evening of Peace, Joy, Love, Light,
Healing and Grace

The 8 Angels of Light Crystal Chakra Bowls bring forth greater clearing, healing and balance each week, accompanied by an array of healing instruments for your special Journey experience

A special Testimonial

I so appreciate all you both are doing to assist in raising planetary vibrations & awareness one by one. The healing energies I experienced during the Meditation is more intense than when I practice alone. Bathing in the vibrations of the crystal bowls, bells etc., along with prayer/ invocations, I feel the deep cleansing & balancing act taking place. I also love feeling the strong presense of the Higher Ones & learning more about them. With all that said, I believe my process toward my own spiritual unfoldment has greater support. Feeling Blessed to have been led to you & once again ‘be’ among others who are also on a similar
Spiritual Path.

With Gratitude & Light, Elayna Collins, MT

My Passion for Meditation and Divine Journey work is shared each week
Every Monday Night
from 7-9 p.m.

Every Friday Morning

The Heart Healing Crystal Pyramid
is included in your Journey each week

New and Light filled Energies each week to Heal and Manifest your Deepest Hearts Desires

Comfortable Reclining Journey Chairs, Angelic Music, Soft Pillows, Blankets, by candle light are all part of your Journey experience, with extra Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound and Crystal Heart Pyramid, including a special channeled message for your week at the end of the evening


Special Divine Energy Selenite Crystal Grid to enhance the energies, clearing, and healing body, mind and Soul

 A Journey filled with
Empowerment and Healing
 Over the coming weeks you will experience Energy clearing and balancing, opening your heart and soul to greater abundance and prosperity, as you begin to feel your body transform Old Energies into New Beginnings

Each week I bring forth a special channeled journey bringing forth the expanded energies of our times, with healing and joy filled energies from the Angels, and all of the Divine Universal energies.

All of my Meditation Journey's are channeled and are in "Tune" with the group that participates in the class

Each week you will receive special "Manifestation" tools to be used and anchored into your body, mind and spirit.
You will work with Divine Universal Energies each week expanding the light that is available on the Earth at this time.
You will open, transform and move into the world ready to flow with the new energies that are surrounding us

Special price for each Meditation is $20.00
"I wouldn't miss one week of this Journey, I feel refreshed and renewed every Monday and it really helps me to glide through my week!
Thank You Cathi Love, April

The Healing that has come from the Monday night Meditations has been amazing, and I have learned so much about the Divine energies that accompany us in each meditation.  in gratitude Christine
Love Monday Nights since I have been coming to the Meditation. Thanks so much for this special gift -  Betty

Monday Nights have truly helped me to move forward, to let go and to see just how my angels and guides support me on my journey.  Wouldn't miss it -  Holly

I am loving Friday mornings, thank you Cathi for bringing this to our community. I can't drive at night and this morning meditation is perfect for me - Janice

This meditation has brought my life into a better state of balance and peace, and the sound of the crystal bowls and pyramid have healed me on many levels - Linda
Please call to register - 781-871-1740

Please be courteous to others and join us
Fragrance Free - thanks so much
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