ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy - Spiritual Gatherings
ANGELS OF LIGHT A Gathering of Angels & Divine Healing Energy  -

The Angels of Light Monthly
Spiritual Gathering

Sunday March 18th
Sunday April 22nd
Sunday May 20th

with Angel Minister/Messenger
Rev. Cathi Burke in the Buddha Room

An Uplifting and Joyous Celebration with
the Angels and all of the Divine

Special energies from Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin Mother Mary and the Angels and Ascended Masters

The Angels of Light Spiritual Gathering offers a loving and uplifting gathering where you will experience Divine Spiritual Connections, Guidance, Healing, and Blessings.

During the hour and 15 minutes you will be guided by the Angels, Ascended Masters and all of the Highest Spiritual Energies, as great movement and understanding, guidance and support will  surround you. 

 All Pathways Lead to God and the
Divine Energies that Surround us.

Donations are appreciated at the Services

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 A Loving Testimonial from Angel Minister
Rev. Akushi

Rev. Cathi and I studied together in the Angel Ministry and all through out our training I would hear Cathi speak up in class about her life, her desires, and  her joys.

She shared her heart and Soul with each and everyone of us.

She shared herself, totally and fully with a determination to juice every droplet of pure Divine wisdom that she could bring in devotion to being the best person she is.  She taught me by example how to love and forgive with deep commitment and fortitude.

When I met Cathi I was in awe of her huge spiritual presence and her inner and outer beauty. Her spiritual presence is huge and her soul is the sweetest and most gentle.  Rev. Cathi touched me deeply within my heart. I fell deeply in love. I will always remember Cathi coming over to me on the last day of the ordination and putting her wings and arms around me. I was releasing some deep pain from childhood and tears were streaming down my face.  Rev. Cathi looked into my eyes and straight into my heart and reminded me how much I am loved, she also reminded me of my worthiness, then Rev. Cathi removed a necklace from around her neck and placed it gently around mine. The necklace is made of purple cut glass beads. I keep it in my prayer box when I am not wearing it, believing that prayers will be enhanced by it.

Rev. Cathi gifted me the knowledge that day, that I am worthy of physical wealth as well as my spiritual wealth. She stepped forward and took a child's broken heart and held it in her cupped hands and she gave it healing with overflowing love.  Thank you for all of your devotion and love to humanity.  Love, Rev. Akushi
Trinity Prayer by Rev. Cathi Burke

With Divine love and light of the most high, I open my heart and soul to the miraculous energies that are waiting for a place in my life.  I take in fully the qualities of this gift, as I embrace the Divine Miracle Ray and bathe in the beauty and the love of God.
And so it is! Amen
The Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center
320 Washington Street, Rt. 53 Norwell, MA

The Angels of Light Spiritual
 Chapel in Norwell
is also available for weddings up to 50 guests
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