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“Cathi's heart is as big as the Universe…she loves deeply and fully! It is a joy to recommend her.”
Denise Linn, 
Soul Coach and Author

Cathi was one of my first Angel Ministers and has a very special connection with the Angels and all of the Divine I am honored to know and work with her.

Rev. Kimberly Marooney
Creator of the Angel Ministry, & Author

So appreciate all you both are doing to assist in raising planetary vibrations & awareness one by one. Feeling Blessed to have been led to you & once again and ‘be’ among others who are also on a similar Spiritual Path.

With Gratitude & Light, Elayna Collins, MT

Cathi and Cristina, thanks so much for creating such a warm and sacred space for all of us to come together to learn and share.  You and Cristina have created a safe haven for all light workers... a welcoming place for kindred spirits to gather and not be judged or ridiculed, but to be loved unconditionally.  Thank you! Madonna Hamilton

The 12 Month Forecast with Cathi

During the reading, month after month, I began to feel a shift occur inside of me.  I felt my heart opening, my light shining brighter and my excitement building.  
I am now excited and inspired and looking forward to a renewed
friendship with my angels as I step through each open door.
 Thank you with all of my heart for your love, your light, and spirit that brings forth the angels' messages, guidance, and love. 
 I feel on my path again. My path of grace and ease thanks so much Love Rev. Velma Alford

Your 12 Month Forecasts are amazing, I work with them each month and find so much light and expansion from each one.  The Energy Tools and Coaching that you offer through this Forecast is filled with empowerment and movement.  Thank you Cathi - Love Denise Barry
Healing sessions with Cristina are heavenly.  I can feel her love and commitment to my healing and feel like a million for weeks after - Janet
Rev. Burke offered to customize our wedding vows and when we received them they fit who we are as a couple perfectly.  Her insight and intuition was right on,   Thanks so much Rev. Burke for all of your love and insight. Patricia and Bill
The Meditation and Manifestation Mondays have changed my life.  I am more confident and feel great healing and movement. Thank you Cathi for creating this wonderful, Healing and Empowering Journey each Monday night. Pamela
The Soul Journey filled w/Miracles This Class was like no other. I will be enhanced by the experience for years to come, it was life changing. The exercises not only brought me a deeper level of knowledge about who I am but also about where I am supposed to be and the types of people I am to be surrounded by. I will use the tools designed to enhance relaxation and deep spiritual connection on a daily basis.
Thank you so much Cathianna for your divine presence and thanks to my classmates who were also instrumental in my growth. I am so blessed."
Denise Cromwell

Love Love Love your Crystal/Angel Fairs they are filled with the best of the best Readers, Healers, Vendors and the atmosphere at Angels of Light is one of pure Joy and Love - Gail

Cathi and Cristina you offer the finest of the fine when it comes to workshops and events that you so much for holding the space for personal and world healing. Jill

Cristina your healing abilities amaze me. I felt so warm nurtured and loved.  Your healing modalities are truly filled with great healing and peace.  Thank you- Maria
Rev. Burke customized an Angel Eulogy for my mother who passed suddenly this  fall.  Her words comforted me, and I know my mom was with me and appreciated all the beautiful words that Rev Burke offered in the Eulogy. In Gratitude, Matthew
 Rev. Cathi's Angels of Light Certification brought me to a new level of Spirituality, body, mind and spirit.  It was amazing.  Thanks so much for all of your love and devotion to your students. Ellie Perkins
 The 8 Week Angels of Light Certification took my Intuitive Skills to a whole new level.  It was amazing, and Rev. Cathi's teachings are so connected to the Angels and Spirit I could feel them throughout the 8 Weeks and beyond guiding me and supporting me.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready to truly work with thier Angels and all of the Divine. Love you, Dotti
Thanks Cathi for all of your wonderful 12 month Forecasts over the years.  They have been "Right On" and your classes and workshops have added a great deal to my own work.  In Gratitude, Ann Finnie

Cathi You play the Crystal Bowls like an Angel - thank you so much- love Linda
Rev. Burke's Monthly Angel and Spiritual Meditation Sessions are filled with healing energy and light. You can feel the devotion and love that is in her heart.  After the passing of my son she helped me to understand and to open my heart to healing and grace. Thank you Love Diane
Cathi and Cristina your mediumship skills are amazing.
I can't thank you enough. Dottie

Chant Nights are amazing - Thank you for hosting Jill Jardine each month.  I feel like I have healed in many ways.

The Chi Gong practice at Angels of Light- has become a weekly practice that I truly enjoy and love. Patty Gage is an amazing teacher.  Thanks so much for hosting her each week. Sue

The Mediumship events you hold at Angels of Light are filled with healing and grace.  Thank you so much - Jean
Rev. Burke's 8 Week Soul Journey helped me to put my life into perspective and really helped me to know exactly what my life mission and purpose is.  I am so happy I took this incredible journey.  I would recommend this Journey to all who are searching for purpose and peace of mind. Cris
Thanks Cathi for the 8 Week Soul Journey it really helped me clear up old beliefs and blocks that were in my way.  It was one of the best classes I have every taken.  Filled with love and light and My soul Mission is now in full swing. Thank you, Susan

Cristina your Crystal Certifications are filled with knowledge from ancient times.  I feel like a whole new person, filled with special healing gifts to share with the world- Marcia
Rev. Burke- Married my husband and I in the Angels of Light chapel.  It was so beautiful andour marriage a sacred and special event. 
Love, Marge
Rev. Cathi's Soul Counseling Session brought me to a wonderful place of understanding and helped me to see my Path with great clarity and intention.  Thanks for all of your guidance and support. Helen P.
Rev. Cathi's Advanced Heart Centered Angels of Light Certification Course took me on a beautiful journey with the Angels and opened my heart to the Divine.  Much healing took place over the 8 weeks. I am so grateful.  Linda B.
Rev. Cathi helped me tremendously with my sons passing.  She comforted me and showed me that I was not alone.  She is an inspiration and filled with love.  In Gratitude, Diane
Rev. Burke came into our Home and spent 2 hours blessing and clearing each and every corner.  When she left I felt as if I had just moved into a brand New House. Maria
Rev. Burke's Wedding Ceremonies are beautiful and unique. Thank you so much for making our Wedding "Extra Special"
Love, Donna and Bill
Dearest Cathi I would love to add a testimonial for mom's eulogy and for setting me on the path of light. You will be re-marrying us in the near future, Love Terry Shaw
Cathi and Cristina I love all that you do, and all that you are.  You are two of the most amazing woman on the planet.  Thank you for everything.  Love Donna

Cathi Your Energy Medicine Certifications are amazing and have taught me so much.  Thank you for being filled with knowledge and wisdom and for sharing it with the world-
Love Patty

Monday and Fridays are my two favorite days at Angels of Light - your Monday evening and Friday morning meditations have keep me grounded and great healing has taken place.  Thank you so much for this unique Journey each week.  I love how you use the Crystal Bowls and metaphysical instruments to expand the healing each week. April
Cathi we can't wait for Monday nights, the Meditation and Manifestation has brought us to a place of great healing and peace.  Thank  Cathi, you are truly a gifted woman. 
Love, Pat and Lynn
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